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Frank Henry Richard Cook

Frank Henry

Richard Cook

Published February 17th 2010
ISBN : 9781453533970
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 About the Book 

Frank HenryThe mystery of Frank Henry is a suspenseful character study of the relationship of an awkward and disfigured little boy and his mentor, Frank. It follows the little boy from birth until his untimely death. The relationship that slowly develops between these two is both heart-warming and alarming at the same time. Frank is a violently disturbed individual who identifies too closely with the problems facing his new charge.Although Frank is small and timid looking, he is a violent, vindictive man who will do anything to become a hero to the little boy. As the little disfigured boy comes of age Frank, his protector, is forced to deal with many crises. Frank has an unusual approach to problem-solving in each case.Frank Henry is also unique in that it deals with a number of contemporary issues in education. Everyone who has gone through school can appreciate the problems that the two men endured. Frank has a violent nature, nevertheless, this should not diminish his success at problem-solving. Many of the readers of Frank Henry will find the issues and their solutions controversial. Hopefully there will be an honest and fair analysis of the actions taken.