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Mein Edelstein-Buch Band 2 Carola Kickers

Mein Edelstein-Buch Band 2

Carola Kickers

Published May 14th 2012
Kindle Edition
24 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Life is sweet, until a creep calls.AJ Jameson, a rich kid from the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga., is about to graduate from high school. He has it all—good looks, a terrific girlfriend, a fancy car, brains, and the attitude to go with them. No one should suspect that this wealthy kid also has a lucrative business hidden in the woods.AJ plans to expand his business to a location by his school once fall semester starts. Little does he know that his plans will soon be derailed. First, his desperate father, Al, is in need of some serious help. Things get even more complicated when AJ begins receiving calls from a mysterious creep, demanding that AJ shut down his operation or suffer the consequences. To further complicate his life, Al’s former business rival, real estate tycoon Colton Hunter, enters the scene and wants a piece of the action as well.Can AJ shake the creep? Will he cave to the persuasions of a very powerful businessman? Find out in Twisted Greens!