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Ergonomics For Beginners: A Quick Reference Guide Jan Dul

Ergonomics For Beginners: A Quick Reference Guide

Jan Dul

Published May 10th 2001
ISBN : 9780748408252
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 About the Book 

This is a fully revised and updated edition of the 1993 title Ergonomics for Beginners. It provides an excellent practical primer for anyone approaching the subject for the first time with the aim of bringing benefits to the performance of tasks in work and domestic environments. Embracing the concepts of designing tasks and the environment for human comfort and satisfaction as well as for optimum performance, the book shows, in an easy and accessible fashion, the steps by which managers, workers and users can achieve an appropriate balance.The authors have extensively revised this new edition, maintaining the size and flavour that made the first edition so successful, and replacing out-of-date material with new insights and raising the emphasis placed on computing-related ergonomics.This renowned text is will be essential reading for all those people who need a basic, easy-to-follow guide to the subject of ergonomics and human factors working in a variety of occupations including psychology, design, engineering, management, health, occupational health and safety, human-computer interaction and ergonomics. Essential!