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Sex With Daddy (The Sex With Series) Jenna James

Sex With Daddy (The Sex With Series)

Jenna James

Kindle Edition
16 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Sarahs Dad had always been there for her. He had taken good care of her, protected her, treated her well-in short he and Sarah were not just father and daughter but best friends too.As she had grown up their bond had grown stronger and stronger, Sarah becoming more and more fascinated by the only man in her life. Jack, for his part, still regarded Sarah as his beautiful and treasured daughter, nothing more.But Sarah wanted more from the relationship-a lot more. And she was determined to show Jack that he was not just her father. A chance encounter sets the scene for Sarah and Jack to take their relationship that little bit further....-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This short story contains depictions of graphic sexual acts and is intended for an adult audience only.